Tips For Playing Euromillions

1. Purchase your Tickets Early – To ensure you get a ticket, make sure you purchase yours in advance (at least a few days prior to the drawing). In the hours leading up to the weekly drawing, many people try to purchase tickets before the cut-off time and due to large demand, some are not able to tickets in time.

2. Buy Online – In areas where it is legal to do so, consider purchasing your Euromillions tickets online. This way you can get them without having to leave the house and many online outlets will automatically generate random numbers for you.

3. Choose Random Numbers – Statistics indicate that your odds of winning are higher if you choose completely random numbers that are not likely to be chosen by anyone else. Steer clear of choosing dates or numbers that have significance to people other than yourself (like December 25th). Similarly, avoid any number combinations that have been drawn recently; the chances of the combo being drawn again are quite low.

4. Split Between Hot and Cold Numbers – “Hot” numbers refer to those that have been drawn within a recent time period (for instance, within the past 12 months) while “cold” numbers refer to numbers that have not been drawn in a very long time. While you’ll find a stark difference regarding hot and cold numbers among lottery players, most lottery experts say the best chance of winning lies somewhere between hot and cold numbers so try picking half hot numbers and half cold.

5. Try Joining a Pool – An easy way to increase your chances of winning is to simply join a pool. In a lottery pool, players combine their money to purchase multiple tickets and any winnings from any one of those tickets are evenly split among all the players.

6. Play the Probabilities – If you select a number combination that occurs only 5 percent of the time, then you can expect to lose the Euromillions 95 percent of the time that you play. So play number combinations that have the highest probability of being drawn.