Lottery Software Can Help You Win the Lottery

Lottery number generators are nothing new; in fact there are many of them that you can access for free online that will generate ‘lucky’ numbers for you based on personal data such as your first name or birth date. However, these number generators are unscientific since they are based on numerology. The use of statistics, or determining which numbers have come out frequently in past draws and which have not, is the only scientific way of picking numbers to bet in lottery games. You can either do this on your own using an Excel spreadsheet and a database, or you can invest in lottery software to do the hard work for you.

Using lottery analysis programs is one of the best ways to pick winning numbers to bet on Pick 4 and other lottery games. The application works by analyzing the results of past draws to determine which numbers have been drawn most frequently and which least frequently, so you can either pick your own numbers or allow the software to select combinations for you. Of course, the program also offers you the option to ask it to pick random numbers, if you believe that is the better approach.

Lottery software organizes the data it generates through statistical charts or graphs that allow you to instantly see which numbers are ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. Of course, there are also numbers which the program believes are about to move from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’ and it will also identify these so you can decide if you want to include them in your bet or not. The combinations the software generates are usually a combination of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers plus a few borderline numbers.

One good feature of lottery analysis programs that you should use if you’re playing Pick 4 games is recurring doubles or triples, which identify numbers that often appear together. In Pick 4, you can win lesser cash prizes if the number combination you bet includes two numbers or three numbers that appear in the exact same order that they do in the winning combination that was drawn.

Another feature that you might want to keep in mind when working with lottery analysis programs is wheeling. Wheeling is a system in which you generate all the possible combinations of a group of numbers that you believe will come out in future draws, and bet all of them. Again, this can be very helpful in Pick 4 lotto, where the range of numbers you pick from is only from 0 to 9, making it more likely that you will come up with the winning combination among the ones that you have bet. While a lot of lottery number analysis software allows you to add a wheeling system, you may want to consider a program that specializes in generating wheels so that you can get better results. Of course, a wheeling system should be used in conjunction with filters that will weed out weak combinations.

Before investing in any lottery software, download a trial version if it is available so you can test it out for yourself. Try paper testing the software to see how effective it is at choosing winning numbers before you bet with real money.