A Simple Guide on How to Play Mega Millions

For placing a bet in Mega Millions lottery, the player has to choose six different numbers. The first five numbers have to be chosen from a range of digits starting from one to fifty-six. The sixth number, also known as the Mega Ball number is a number ranging from one to forty-six. In order to […]

Mad For Mega Millions

It’s currently one of the biggest lottery games in the United States, second only to the Powerball game. But just because it’s #2 in magnitude doesn’t mean it pays out any less in jackpots. Here’s a short introduction to the game that has everyone talking. A Mega Millions History – From Big to Bigger Before […]

Choosing Numbers

If a person is planning on playing Mega Millions, it will already be a given that he/she will try to think about the numbers that he/she will pick. To set the record straight, there is no formula that you can use to determine the correct numbers that will really give you the jackpot prize. But […]

Mega Millions Statistics

Determining a Mega Millions Strategy is extremely important. Part of that Strategy should be copying what actually happens, based on an analysis of past Results. Based on 100 Draws to June 2010, Mega Millions statistics reveal the following clues for a successful Strategy: 1. Three of the 100 Draws had no Odd numbers at all; […]