An Outstanding International Lottery

Euro Million is also known as pan-European Lottery. It was first launched in Paris in February 2004. It has now developed into a widely popular international lottery operated in joint by the UK, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. A player may choose to join the elected Euro Millions syndicates to increase […]

Tips For Playing Euromillions

1. Purchase your Tickets Early – To ensure you get a ticket, make sure you purchase yours in advance (at least a few days prior to the drawing). In the hours leading up to the weekly drawing, many people try to purchase tickets before the cut-off time and due to large demand, some are not […]

Euromillions Lottery and Your Chances of Winning

Those of you that are aware of the lottery, the Euromillions lottery is drawn every Friday in Paris but the show is on different times in each country. For example, in the UK the show is at an evening time on around 11pm on the BBC channels. Each country has their own shows. The Euromillions […]

EuroMillions Lottery Primer

EuroMillions was introduced on February 2004 and since then, it has given lots of people the opportunity to earn huge amount of money from every game or draw. The opportunity to earn huge amount of money from every game or draw is given to lots of people by EuroMillions, which was introduced on February 2004.} […]