A Simple Guide on How to Play Mega Millions

For placing a bet in Mega Millions lottery, the player has to choose six different numbers. The first five numbers have to be chosen from a range of digits starting from one to fifty-six. The sixth number, also known as the Mega Ball number is a number ranging from one to forty-six. In order to win the jackpot the player must be able to match all six of these numbers on the day of the draw.

The Mega Millions drawing process involves determining whether a winning ticket has been sold or not. This is usually done by the lottery commission and if the affirmation holds true that at least one winning ticket has been sold, the Mega Millions jackpot returns to its base number. The base number for Mega Millions jackpot is twelve million dollars. If however, the affirmation is not valid and none of the jackpot winning tickets have been sold then the jackpot rolls over to the next drawing. This ingenious way helps in raising the jackpot values to astonishing and bizarre amounts.

Unlike the Euro millions lottery, Mega Millions offers drawings twice a week, that is every Tuesday and Friday. These drawings are broadcast on a number of local radio and television channels. Moreover, state lottery websites are also updated with the results. With the advancement in internet technology videos of live drawings are also uploaded. The Mega Millions official website itself features these drawings and winning numbers and players can easily log on to this site to view the latest results.

As enticing as it may sound, in real the chances of matching all six Mega Millions lottery numbers and winning the drawing are very bleak. However, the MM lottery offers its players numerous chances of winning prizes in case of five or less lotto numbers matching. Additionally, each time a player picks the correct Mega ball lotto number, he or she wins a prize.

Hence if the chances of you becoming a millionaire overnight are small, there are surely many chances available for you through which you may win smaller prizes.

MM lottery also allows its players a multitude of ways to play. Another most commonly played feature is that of Megaplay which allows individuals to multiply and increase their winning s by up to two or four times. Whenever a positive result for a draw is obtained, the winnings are increased by a particular amount. Megaplay feature can be activated anytime the player wishes by paying an extra $1 while purchasing his Mega Millions lottery ticket.

You’ve probably heard it a million of times that one main factor involved in all these online lottery games is your luck. But getting a Mega Million jackpot involves a little more than just pure luck and coincidence. Intellectual approach involving a skilled analysis is also likely to increase your wining chances. Ardent players may actually get the hang of these numbers and the combinations or certain mathematical permutations and patterns used to formulate the winning number sequences.

Even though this method does not fully guarantee that a player will win a jackpot but it will surely help him find a system to better understand the game, its rules, tricks and even increase his winning likelihood.